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Seldom spoken about in social circles, domestic violence is a serious issue for almost every level of society. Victims, perpetrators, and children alike each require and deserve time to reflect, heal, and break the cycle of violence and abuse. After witnessing domestic violence in his own home as a child, Edward understands the complex emotional, physical, and mental burden this can have on developing minds. 

Edward’s in-demand, insightful Domestic Violence Training is an in-depth curriculum that identifies and defines power dynamics within the context of intimate partner violence, and teaches appropriate response measures and intervention tactics. From the family unit level to the economic, educational, and psychological levels, there are many elements of understanding necessary to effectively combat this issue, and continue to make progress.

Edward’s comprehensive approach ensures that upon completion of the “No Excuses for Domestic Violence Training, participants will:


1. Be able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of the dynamics of intimate partner violence.

2. Be able to understand how societal views of gender roles influence domestic violence.

3. Gain valuable tools to respond and provide appropriate intervention and resources to survivors of relationship abuse.

4. Gain an understanding of how batterers use power and control to maintain dominance in intimate partner relationships.

5. Learn intervention strategies to work with perpetrators of intimate partner violence.


Better equipped minds achieve higher heights. Our communities deserve to heal. Families deserve restoration! Sign up for Edward Moore’s Domestic Violence Training, and prepare your organization to become a strategic resource today!

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