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When you eliminate the excuses from your life the possibilities are endless! 


Meet Edward


#1 best selling Author,

Certified Life Coach

and Motivational Speaker.


Edward L. Moore is an accomplished speaker, certified life coach, and author. As the man behind “Team No Excuses”, Edward places a firm emphasis on the concepts of accountability and forward progress by taking decisive action steps towards goals and objectives. Never being one to teach on what he hasn’t experienced, Edward’s strong conviction comes from a personal revelation he had about his own life’s direction. Forcing himself to take an honest look at his life, he accepted responsibility for not being where he needed to be to fulfill his life’s calling. His dedication to accountability was born when he realized the only person who was capable of reaching his potential was himself!

Edward underwent the vigorous process of unlearning and eliminating self-imposed mental limitations that once stood between him and his life’s purpose, freeing himself from living an unfulfilling life. Discovering the keys to the doors of his mind, Edward founded the NO EXCUSES philosophy, challenging himself and others to live a life devoid of excuses and reasons to settle. His simple but effective mantra stresses the importance of taking personal accountability to create the life that you desire, both professionally and personally. This philosophy paved the way for his first book, “No Excuses: When Failure is No Longer an Option,” sparking a personal development revolution that spread like wildfire. 


 Edward fully embodies what it means to “refuse to allow failure to be an option.” In everything he does, whether it’s coaching others to reach their potential, organizing workshops to stimulate adult and youth minds, his collective mentality is dominated by his commitment to excellence. Shortly after releasing his first book, Edward introduced his signature concept of the “4 A’s”, which he dubbed as the “solution to all of your excuses.” After steadily building the blueprint to get himself “unstuck” from mediocrity and lower results than he wanted, he immediately began implementing the 4 A’s thought pattern into all areas of his growth process, and began reaping the benefits in droves.

​After finding success in his own life by applying the principles he developed, Edward sought ways to share his newfound wisdom with others who felt limited and unfulfilled. For the past two decades, Mr. Moore has dedicated his life to working with individuals to identify and eliminate destructive attitudes and mindsets that impede personal and professional success. He now strategically imparts these skills into individuals,  entrepreneurs, businesses, and corporations to increase their productivity, and shift the culture from passively obligated and retained, to actively engaged and empowered. Edward continues to spread his philosophy and story with audiences worldwide, providing the skills needed to live the life you dream of.

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