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Are you tired of the culture of average? Are you ready to take your organization from every-day business to an industry-leading, thriving, high-performing organization? Edward’s unique value with his No Excuses Professional Development Training comes in his challenging philosophy of “No Excuses,” specifically designed to get people and companies unstuck, and propel them towards a culture to thrive. His approach intentionally targets the mental obstacles, limits and habits we often develop ourselves, while providing a much needed arena for self-reflection and accountability. His collective approach blossomed into his effective and widespread “4 A’s” approach. These basic tenets of Moore’s approach have been shown to significantly shift company cultures from passive to engaged, and from sluggish to inspired! 

Edward focuses on cultivating a professional environment founded on his principle “Act Now”, injecting a much needed sense of urgency and value behind the professional role, capability, and responsibility of each employee in the room. Edward’s training technique initiates immediate positive shifts for your company, with impacts on productivity, upward mobility, and accountability. Your investment inevitably grows your company, your people, enhances your  professional environment, and ultimately, builds your profits. 

Moore instills a culture of accountability that permeates the entire organization from the top down, propelling his listeners to work towards opportunities for promotion, expansion, and upward mobility. His self-adopted no excuses philosophy has helped numerous businesses jump-start their personnel, inspiring them to adopt new perspectives on what’s possible in their career fields. 


Upon completion of the “No Excuses” Professional Development Training, your employees will:


  1. Be able to accurately self-assess their workplace performance

  2. Understand how their individual performance impacts the viability of the company 

  3. Have a greater understanding of factors that impact work performance

  4. Receive valuable tools to improve job performance

  5. Understand how to implement a culture of accountability and boost workplace morale

  6. Receive the tools to create an action plan to address organizational areas for growth

  7. Learn how to effectively pivot when faced with unexpected, adverse situations and efficiently forecast within their industries to stay relevant and competitive


Stay prepared and ready for a changing world with a dynamic workforce and propel your company forward! Book Edward for his Professional Development Training today!

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