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Meet Edward

Entrepreneur, #1 best selling Author,

Certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker

As a dynamic, results-driven speaker and life coach, Edward L. Moore equips individuals, corporations, and organizations with the tools necessary to reach and exceed their goals! Edward’s unique set of skills focuses on identifying and eliminating all barriers to success, and provides an invaluable roadmap to attaining and maintaining your goals. 




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"Edward has a unique style of connecting with his clients. He is able to share information in a way that engages the participants in the learning process. People who attend his classes or seminars come away feeling empowered and inspired. He genuinely cares about helping others. He is a born leader, who people believe and trust as they learn and grow. "

Devon Gastor

ED& Founder at Men Creating Peace


Edward Moore is such an invigorating and motivating force whose presence and genuine passion to pour energy and ignite positive change in others is immediately felt. Edward truly embodies the quote “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away” (Shakespeare). I had the pleasure of being at the receiving end experiencing Edward’s amazing gift during his keynote and as a workshop instructor for AT&T’s ERG ‘The NETwork’ annual professional boot camp. With his authentic and organic approach, Edward penetrated us all to the core sharing his personal story of struggle and true resiliency and giving us invaluable tools to stop getting in our own way and soar past our self-imposed limitations. At the end of the bootcamp I as well as everyone in attendance were recharged and ready to reinvent our careers and personal lives.

Edward is definitely the real deal!

Rachel Compton, MBA
VP, The Network Bay Area Chapter, AT&T ERG

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Edward Moore is such an amazing coach! Joining his No Excuses group coaching programs was one of the best decisions I made. His unique ability to teach and motivate helped to bring us all into immense action towards the goals in our lives. I loved the program so much, I joined it three times! If you are looking for a dynamic program that will ensure you reach your massive value and crush your goals, RUN not walk… to sign up for this program with Edward! It will catapult you toward your goals. 

Caterina Rando

Founder, Thriving women in Business


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Edward is a highly-sought after empowerment specialist and keynote speaker, known for his ability to captivate and inspire his audiences to action! His power-packed messages of resilience and personal accountability have educated, motivated, and uplifted thousands, from small business owners to students, parents, teachers, corporate executives and employees.

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TNE Training and Consulting offers power-packed, dynamic training sessions and workshops that are designed to get you moving towards your success! Edward’s intentional strategic, step by step professional and personal development workshops and trainings will empower you with the tools to get unstuck and take the ACTION required to achieve your desired goals.  Click below to find out more and register!

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Edward L. Moore is a Certified Life Coach that specializes in helping his clients take actionable steps towards meeting their personal and professional goals. Edward offers individual support in his one-on-one coaching, as well as broader support in his group coaching cohorts, where he fosters a culture of accountability that thrusts each participant into their success. 


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 Get your copy my best selling book “No Excuses When Failure Is No Longer An Option” 






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